punching and notching

the expert in punching and notching

Do you want metal punched or notched? For series work we make use of our CNC punch-nibbling machine, but we also have traditional punching and notching machines at our disposal.These enable us to adapt existing products quickly or modify a (new) component, for example, if you find out while repairing a machine that the component does not fit. We also use our punching and notching machines during the production of individual metal items. Here we can also take advantage of the tools offered by our punch-nibbler, which significantly increases the range of processing options.

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one stop shop for punching and notching... and all other processing techniques

We can also combine punching and notching with other processing techniques. This is one of the main advantages of working together with aalbers|wico: a single point of contact for all your metalworking needs.

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