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Between the moment when an intruder is detected and the alarm is raised and the moment when someone responds to this, delaying the intruder is the only way to keep him out. Sound structural security is therefore one of the most important conditions for ensuring successful intrusion prevention. aalbers|wico has been the expert in the field of structural intruder security for years. We advise clients and contractors in the Netherlands and abroad on structural intruder resistance and can also manufacture, supply and install all the intruder-resistant products that are needed in accordance with the applicable specifications. If you wish, they can also be offered in combination with ballistic-, blast- and fire-resistant properties.

tested by ‘intruders’

The resistance value of our products has not only been calculated on paper – it has been tested in practice too. At our own test centre we can see how our products stand up to the toughest of challenges. Using a range of tools, experienced ‘intruders’ test various aspects of a product’s resistance, in accordance with the applicable division into resistance classes.


Our products are based on standards such as NEN 5096, EN 1627-1630, EN 356 and ISO 16936, but we can also go one step further. If stipulated in the Schedule of Requirements, we can supply a product offering the actual level of resistance you need. The official standards form the starting point here, but the product undergoes further testing on the basis of additional criteria. Find out more about standards for intruder-resistant products in our knowledge centre.

testing methods

The standards in the area of intruder resistance require façades to be tested in three ways: with a static load, with a dynamic load and by means of manual intrusion tests. Find out more about testing methods for intruder-resistant products in our knowledge centre.

resistance classes

In the case of manual tests, the resistance class of an intruder-resistant product is defined on the basis of two factors: the time the ‘intruder’ takes to force the product and the tools that may be used for this purpose. The longer the time taken and the heavier the tools, the higher the resistance class. Find out more about resistance classes for intruder-resistant products in our knowledge centre.

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