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More and more machine builders are shifting their focus towards engineering rather than production. This is logical, as it is virtually impossible to continue investing in all the facilities and knowledge needed to produce machines and equipment - particularly as tolerances are becoming increasingly precise. aalbers|wico has these facilities and this knowledge. We also have ample space to build and test machines at our site and can take care of hydraulics and other applications for you. So, if you are looking for a reliable production partner, why not contact us? 

Ample space to build and test machines.

sophisticated machinery, expert employees

Thanks to our sophisticated machinery, we can take care of every conceivable metalworking task with maximum precision. And with over 100 expert employees working for us we always have sufficient capacity. As a machine builder you will therefore benefit from short lead times, even in the case of custom solutions or large orders. 

“aalbers|wico can offer us the space we need to build complete machines. If changes to the design are required, they are perfectly equipped to handle these flexibly and efficiently. When it comes to the electrical installation for the machine, our other suppliers are able to come on site at aalbers|wico to do their work and our own people are also welcome at any time to discuss and receive support with the project.”

Gerko van den Brink | Vallei Techniek