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Since the introduction of the European standard for alarm receiving centres (ARC), EN 50518, many of these centres have opted to work together with aalbers|wico. This is a logical decision, as structural security also forms part of the certification and in the Netherlands aalbers|wico is the first supplier of security products that comply with the EN 50518 standard. Do you also want to secure your alarm receiving centre in accordance with the European standard? Then contact us to make a no-obligation appointment.

The first supplier of security products that comply with EN 50518.

tested by us, assessed independently

At aalbers|wico we develop and test all our materials in house. We also have our products checked by a Notified Body. In addition, our installation work is carried out in accordance with the strictest standards and our own, even stricter, procedures. After all, it is not only the individual components that must meet the set requirements - the same goes for the installation as a whole.

When we decided we wanted to be certified, we started looking for companies that could offer security products complying with EN 50518. aalbers|wico stood out as a company you could trust.