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Contractors and construction companies often do not come up against the requirements relating to structural security until they encounter them as part of a tender. The question then is: where do you get the necessary knowledge from? If you work together with aalbers|wico, you can be sure that your structural security solution will meet the tender specifications. Do you have a question yourself relating to structural security? We have been the partner of the construction industry in the Netherlands for nearly 50 years, so why not contact us.

tested by us, assessed independently

At aalbers|wico we develop and test all our materials in house. We also have our products checked by respected institutes. In addition, our installation work is carried out in accordance with the strictest standards and our own, even stricter, procedures. After all, it is not only the individual components that must meet the set requirements - the same goes for the installation as a whole.

As a construction company we can turn to aalbers|wico for the specialist knowledge we do not have ourselves. A company that supplies security solutions for embassies across the world is certainly not just any company.