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Within the spectrum of measures that airports take to protect themselves against attacks, the importance of structural security is increasingly being recognised. More and more airports, including Amsterdam Airport, are putting their faith in the installations offered by aalbers|wico, the specialist in structural security. Installations that satisfy requirements in the areas of ballistic and blast resistance, as well as offering protection against fires and intrusion. Would you like to find out more about our solutions? Why not contact us.

Many airports, including Schiphol, have been putting their faith in the security installations offered by aalbers|wico for some years now.

tested by us, assessed independently

At aalbers|wico we develop and test all our materials in house. We also have our products checked by respected institutes. In addition, our installation work is carried out in accordance with the strictest standards and our own, even stricter, procedures. After all, it is not only the individual components that must meet the set requirements - the same goes for the installation as a whole.

Airport security is a combination of organisational, structural and electronic aspects. You need good partners for all these elements, as they call for highly specialised knowledge. We work with aalbers|wico in the area of structural security and are extremely happy with our partnership.