solutions for transport and bodywork construction

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aalbers|wico supplies custom parts that make it possible to adapt and convert vehicles quickly. Whether the order involves the series production of steel brackets for a vehicle manufacturer or a bespoke construction for a single trailer, we deliver precision products that are tailored to your needs. When it comes to internal transport equipment designed to client specifications we can even take care of the entire process, from engineering through to assembly, on the manufacturer’s behalf. So, if you want to customise vehicles or internal transport equipment, why not contact us. 
solutions for transport and bodywork construction.

sophisticated machinery, expert employees

Thanks to our sophisticated machinery, we can take care of every conceivable metalworking task with maximum precision. And with over 100 expert employees working for us we always have sufficient capacity. As a client you will therefore benefit from short lead times, even in the case of custom solutions or large orders. 

“You instantly notice that they really understand vehicles at aalbers|wico. This ensures that their approach is truly constructive. For example, producing parts in such a way that we can save time and effort on welding work. In addition, I am completely satisfied about the dimensional stability. We often receive repeat orders and deviations in the dimensions are not an option.”
Gert-Jan Karhof | Karhof