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aalbers|wico has been well known in the retail sector as a supplier of carpet display racks and presentation systems for flooring for almost 50 years. We can supply ready-to-use solutions, which continue to be as popular as ever, as well as custom solutions - functional systems that ensure optimal visibility for your products. Both are efficient to use and easy to set up. Many major retail chains are using the solutions we supply. Are you looking for a system for your own shop or showroom? Why not contact us? 

Major retail chains use systems supplied by aalbers|wico.

sophisticated machinery, expert employees

Thanks to our sophisticated machinery, we can take care of every conceivable metalworking task with maximum precision. And with over 100 expert employees working for us we always have sufficient capacity. As a retailer you will therefore benefit from short lead times, even in the case of custom solutions or large orders.  

“We don't want expensive, complex systems in our shops. It may sound strange, but for us just good is good enough. Our customers will only buy our products if they can see them properly. The systems have to be easy for our employees to use too. Full stop. They understand that at aalbers|wico.”

Angela van Dongen | Euretco