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Intruder resistance, ballistic resistance, blast resistance, fire resistance... the fact that threats can come in many different forms means that embassies must be equipped with every possible type of security. Furthermore, the risk profile of an embassy can change from one day to the next. This raises the following question: how can you respond adequately to a threat level that is constantly changing? Why not contact aalbers|wico to discuss the possibilities? Over the years we have helped dozens of embassies around the world to take appropriate structural measures.
Embassies all over the world are equipped with solutions from aalbers|wico.

extensively checked and tested, always in line with the specifications

Our many years of experience mean we are perfectly placed to help embassies draw up their Schedule of Requirements. We can then supply and install all the products required in accordance with this document. All our materials are developed and tested in house. We also have our products checked by respected institutes.

The threat level may be low one week, but suddenly high the next. When the situation requires, we can always turn to aalbers|wico to adjust our security quickly and effectively, as necessary.