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If there is one sector where structural security is of crucial importance, it is the financial sector. Not only to limit the amount of any money stolen, but also, primarily, to prevent any (attempted) break-ins, ram raids or safe-cracking with the help of explosives from causing damage to surrounding buildings, injuring people and harming the organisation's image. aalbers|wico supplies intruder-, ballistic-, blast- and fire-resistant installations to many major Dutch banks. Are you looking for a solution for a financial institution? Why not contact us?
Many major Dutch banks put their faith in aalbers|wico products.

tested by us, assessed independently

At aalbers|wico we develop and test all our materials in house. We also have our products checked by respected institutes. In addition, our installation work is carried out in accordance with the strictest standards and our own, even stricter, procedures. After all, it is not only the individual components that must meet the set requirements - the same goes for the installation as a whole.

If an attempt were made to get into our cash machines using explosives, the consequences for the safety of people living nearby do not bear thinking about. aalbers|wico has constructed a compartment that, in the unfortunate event of an explosion, will ensure the explosion is relatively controlled, reducing the risk of casualties as far as possible.