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Organisational and electronic aspects are essential elements within the combination of measures you can take to avert an attack or raid. If an incident does occur, however, the level of structural security you have in place is often the crucial factor in preventing injury. aalbers|wico has been the expert in the field of structural ballistic security for years. We advise clients and contractors in the Netherlands and abroad on structural ballistic resistance and can also manufacture, supply and install all the ballistic-resistant products that are needed in accordance with the applicable specifications. If you wish, they can also be offered in combination with intruder-, blast- and fire-resistant properties.

tested in practice

The resistance value of our ballistic-resistant products has not only been calculated on paper – it has been tested in practice too. At our own test centre we can see how our products stand up to the most rigorous of tests. This centre is equipped with a ballistic test bunker - the only one of its kind in the Netherlands.


Our products are based on the European standards EN 1522 and EN 1063, but we can also go one step further. If stipulated in the Schedule of Requirements, we can supply a solution offering the actual level of resistance you need. The official standards form the starting point here, but the products undergo further testing on the basis of additional criteria.

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testing methods

We always determine the resistance class of our ballistic-resistant products in practice. For this we employ the methods and tools described in standards EN 1522 and EN 1063: a mechanical firing mechanism, temperature measurement, shots in a triangle with a certain distance between impacts and a chronograph.

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resistance classes

The resistance class of ballistic-resistant products is defined on the basis of a number of factors: the type of ammunition that is used, the type of weapon, the velocity of the shots fired, the distance at which they are fired and the number of shots discharged.

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