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Making sure a valuable collection is secured in such a way that it is easily accessible to well-intentioned visitors, but not to criminals, is one of the greatest challenges faced by museums. As a specialist in structural security aalbers|wico has already helped many museums find an effective solution to this problem. Are you also looking for a company that can help you balance the structural security of your museum with the organisational and electronic aspects in the best possible way? Why not contact us?
Making your valuable collection accessible to visitors, but not to criminals.

tested by us, assessed independently

We also have our products checked by respected institutes. In addition, our installation work is carried out in accordance with the strictest standards and our own, even stricter, procedures. After all, it is not only the individual components that must meet the set requirements - the same goes for the installation as a whole.

A break-in or theft is our biggest fear. Although our collection is insured, nothing can compensate for the intangible value of a work of art. If a unique piece is stolen, it can never again be displayed to your visitors.