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When it comes to lifting technology, dimensional stability is essential. We supply all the components required precisely in accordance with your design specifications. We also have all the know-how necessary to process high-quality steel types correctly. Thanks to our expertise in the area of welding, your craneway will be sure to get through the most stringent of tests. In addition, we are happy to contribute our own ideas about how lifting installations can be put together even more smartly, allowing you to manufacture and assemble them with even greater efficiency. Are you looking for a partner who can make this kind of contribution? Why not contact us?

Your craneway will be sure to get through the most stringent of tests.

sophisticated machinery, expert employees

Thanks to our sophisticated machinery, we can take care of every conceivable metalworking task with maximum precision. And with over 100 expert employees working for us we always have sufficient capacity. As a client you will therefore benefit from short lead times, even in the case of custom solutions or large orders. 

“Whenever a steel structure is needed for a Demag crane or tackle, we like to work with aalbers|wico. Not only are they flexible, but they also supply the quality that gives us one hundred percent confidence that our cranes will continue to operate safely on the craneway.” 
Wim Hermans | Van den Berg Transporttechniek