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In the past the market for railings and balustrades was simple, but also a little uninspiring. A manufacturer made one type of railing, one standard system, and clients had to make do. Thanks to technological advances it is now possible to offer custom solutions - even for small orders. aalbers|wico offers techniques including (3D) rolling, laser cutting and punching. We can make the holes precisely where you want them. The size of our organisation and our machinery also enable us to manufacture your custom components with unbelievable efficiency. Why not contact us?

The precise pattern of holes required by the client, manufactured with unbelievable efficiency.

sophisticated machinery, expert employees

Thanks to our sophisticated machinery, we can take care of every conceivable metalworking task with maximum precision. And with over 100 expert employees working for us we always have sufficient capacity. As a manufacturer of railings or balustrades you will therefore benefit from short lead times, even in the case of custom solutions or large orders.

“With most suppliers it is a question of either/or - they can either give you efficiency or a custom solution. The fantastic thing about aalbers|wico is that they are able to combine these two things. In turn, this enables us to respond optimally to the requirements of our own customers.”
Ruud Appel | Top sierhekwerken